Catering & Dessert Course : Wednesdays – R 5500

*classes starts at 9 o’clock till 12 o’clock*


  1. Finger catering Part I  i.e. choux pastry with fillings, stuffed eggs, etc
  2. Lasagne, Italian salad and garlic bread
  3. Finger catering Part II i.e. sausage rolls, savoury tarts etc
  4. Chicken-a-la-king, stuffed tomatoes and strawberry meringues
  5. Trifle, roly poly desert, chicken liver pate and avocado dip
  6. Stuffed mushrooms, fruit cocktail, tuna pate and minestrone soup
  7. Salads (3 x different) and apple crumble
  8. Pot roast, Yorkshire pudding, table setting and vegetable/fruit sculpturing demo.



  1. Pineapple Pudding Tiramisu
  2. Sticky Toffee Pudding Apple Strudel
  3. Chocolate self-sauce Pudding Cheese Cake
  4. Coconut Macaroon Peach Dessert Pavlova
  5. Chocolate bread and Butter Pudding
  6. O ‘ Choux Pastry Pudding
  7. Date sticky Toffee pudding Chocolate Mouse
  8. Coconut Rice Pudding Crème Brule
  9. Apple & Pear Pudding Napoleon Slices

  • These courses are all hands-on courses.
  • Students take home whatever they bake or cook.
  • Courses run over an 8-week period.