*Classes starts at 1.00pm to 3.30pm Thursday*

Students may join in at any one time and complete all 8 lessons at a discounted rate of R4500.00 for all 8 lessons or do one or more lessons at R600.00 per lesson.  Certificates of completion will be issued for those who complete all 8 lessons. A maximum of 8 students can be accommodated at one time so booking is essential. 

Students must supply their own apron, face mask and container to take home what you bake in the lesson. Sanitizers will be supplied by the school.

All ingredients and tools will be supplied by the school.

  • Lesson1…. Thai Chicken Green Curry With Noodles or Fried Rice and Chocolate Wonton.
  • Lesson2…. Thai Red Curry Beef With Noodles or Fried Rice and Caramelised Rice Pudding.
  • Lesson3…. Chicken Pad Thai with Noodles or Fried Rice with Chinese Custard Tarts.
  • Lesson4…. Chow Mein Pork with Noodles and Coconut Tapioca.
  • Lesson5…. Steamed or Fried Veg Dumplings with Thai Broth with Sesame Honey Rice Balls.
  • Lesson6…. Spicy Thai Fusion Soup with Wonton Croutons and Chai Panna Cotta.
  • Lesson7…. Satay Chicken with Peanut Sauce, Steamed Broccoli and Sticky Rice with Fried Banana Fritters.
  • Lesson8…. Tom Yum Goong (Sweet n Sour Shrimp Curry Soup with Noodles) With Sticky Mango Rice.

All courses are hands-on courses.

Students take home whatever they bake or cook.

Course run over an 8-week period every Tuesday.

R4500.00 for all 8 lessons

Or R600.00 per individual lesson.

Chef Charnet … 072-900-9286