Come and visit us at Mondeor Homebake Supplies and we’ll help you to create the children’s birthday cake of their dreams!

We can create a children’s birthday cake that is based on pretty much any theme that you choose. You can look at our current range of cakes and customise them for that special child in your life.

For every child and their friends and family, their birthday is a very special time for celebration and joy. Here at Mondeor Homebake Supplies we absolutely agree with this sentiment and we understand that for each child’s birthday, the cake is every bit as special as any gift can be.

This is why we use our 25 years’ experience to create some of the most delicious and beautiful children’s birthday cakes that you will ever see and taste!

We can also design your cake for you. Please peruse our Cakes and you’ll get an idea of what we can offer. Mondeor Homebake Supplies will also be happy to design a cake based on your requirements and the results will always be warmly received on their special day.