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We have designs for all occasions, but if you can’t find what you are looking for, just get in touch and one of the team will be happy to help!


We use the most advanced printing technology and best quality ingredients to ensure the highest standard of product for all of our customers. Creating your very own personalised cake has never been easier with Mondeor Homebake.

The paper has been designed to combine with your desired topping, transforming your cake into a personalised masterpiece.

[rara_accordian title=”How do i order a print?”]

Email your Jpeg file to info@mondeorhomebake.co.za

State in the email when you want to collect and if you want any wording on it.

[rara_accordian title=”What size does the image need to be”].jpg files need be at least 100kb in size. Please do not send us huge files bigger than 1MB[/rara_accordian]
[rara_accordian title=”How long in advance do i need to order?”]You can email it to us and get it the same day. Printing takes roughly 15-20 minutes. Large quantities of edible prints can take longer so order these 2-3days in advance.[/rara_accordian]
[rara_accordian title=”Do we print Cupcake Images”]Yes, we do edible prints for cupcakes. There are 24 cupcake circles on 1 A4 page. Each circle measures about 4cm. We do not offer a cutting service for the cupcake prints, you would need to cut them out yourself.[/rara_accordian]
[rara_accordian title=”How do i store my edible prints?”]Prints can be stores in the packet that we give you, in cool dry place such as a cupboard. Do not store it in the fridge as the moisture from the fridge can cause the ink to run.[/rara_accordian]
[rara_accordian title=”How does the colour come out”]There is a slight colour difference with certain shades of a colour. keep in mind this is an edible printer with edible ink so certain shades of colour the printer doesn’t recognise. But most of the time they print just fine.[/rara_accordian]
[rara_accordian title=”What is the biggest that you print”]The biggest size that we can print is an A4 page.[/rara_accordian]

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