Loyalty Cards

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Loyalty card disclaimer

  1. Welcome to your loyalty programme. Please present this card at the store to receive your rewards.  Your rewards are calculated with each purchase, so don’t forget to give the cashier your card!  For your balance present this card at the store or login to getyourbalance.com
  2. By accepting this card you agree to all programme rules and regulations:  Loyalty Programme Rewards are awarded at time of purchase.  Rewards cannot be added unless the card is presented at the time of purchase.  The store reserves the right to change or terminate the Programme rules by giving 30 calendar days’ notice.  Employees of the store are not permitted to participate.
  3. This card is property of the store.  For your protection, notify the store immediately if your card is lost or stolen.  Personal information is kept strictly confidential in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act.  You can also update your details online at getyourbalance.com.
  4. This card cannot be used for credit or charge purchase or to settle any outstanding payments/accounts, and is not transferable for cash.

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