*classes starts at 12 o’clock till 2 o’clock*

  1. Beef Stroganoff,  Mushroom Rice, Malva Pudding and Condensed Milk Custard
  2. Chicken and Beef Pies with Soda water pastry
  3. Fish cakes, Spinach and rice tart and carrots in orange juice
  4. Pizza and Cheese cake (pudding)
  5. Beef olives, piped mashed potatoes and vegetable medley
  6. Stuffed chicken breasts, savoury rice and table setting
  7. Lamb casserole, Butternut soup and parsley potatoes
  8. Baboti and Caramel meringue pudding

  • The above mentioned courses are all hands-on courses.
  • Students take home whatever they bake or cook.
  • Courses run over an 8-week period every Tuesday.

R 3990

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