Ibili Oven Silicone 40*30cm


Ibili Oven Silicone 40*30cm

Appearance:silica Gel


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  • SOFT & EASILY MOVEABLE – Oven Mitt outer is 100% Silicone material, making it safe for you and your family.
  • HEAT RESISTANT & WATERPROOF – Heat Resistant oven mitt up to 500℉. Silicone part is waterproof and Non slip- no hot water burns or steam burns.
  • OPTIMAL PROTECTION – 13.8 inches to protect your full hand, wrist and forearm from heat and flames. Tightly woven 100% cotton cuffs, cotton quilted liner adds comfort and extra protection. One size fits most, works great for men or women.
  • Made to last, durability is our biggest benefit. Our extra-strength silicone won’t break down like all clothe or neoprene oven mitts, gloves that will last under the stresses of high temperatures. Fits beautifully in your kitchen, yet tough enough for all your outdoor needs including grilling or even camping.
  • Risk Free Purchase. 100 Day Full Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee on all Oven Mitts