PME Family Of 4 People Moulds Set Of 24


Full set of molds to create human figures. Each mold comprises of 3 sections (Torso/Legs/Arms). Molds are :- Man Woman Child : 10yrs & Child : 5yrs. Heights from 21.5cm (adult male) – 12.5cm (child female).

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PME 4 People Moulds 24 piece set with instruction booklet. Good quality mould set suitable for sugarpaste, modelling / flower / Mexican pastes, marzipan, cold porcelain, FIMO and polymer clays. Each figure mould comes in 3 sections: arms, legs and head/torso – each section comes in 2 parts which fit together. Measurements – man – approx. 21.5cm (8½”) tall, woman – approx. 21cm (8¼”) tall, child 10 yrs. – approx. 15cm (6″) tall, child 5 yrs. – approx. 12.5cm (5″) tall.